The Deep End

Everyone likes to complain about the lack of interest in the local music scene. But how often does anyone, you know, do something about it? Well, when Tony Gonzalez saw that no one was offering the kind of events he wanted, he got his shit together, bought some equipment, and started his own party: Fabrika. What began as a concept of combining English and Spanish alternative music in a culturally diverse format took off fast: Fabrika grew into a music label, an Internet radio station, and a nightlife website. But this past March, Gonzalez decided to build upon his successes by starting a new party night, Noches Indie/Gentes. The Thursday-night weekly features an unusual lineup of guest DJs, ranging from local producers and fashion designers to local celebrities, offering them a forum to play whatever type of music they want to hear. It's democratic listening at its finest — an idea central to why Gonzalez started Fabrika in the first place.

"Noches Indie/Gentes is for someone who enjoys both worlds, who has been here [South Florida] for ten or 15 years, or even born here, and has been listening to both scenes," Gonzalez says. "Instead of going straight Latin or salsa or playing only indie, we offer a unique mix of that."

Each Thursday, Noches offers a slightly different theme. This week is "Feminas" — an eclectic all-female take on Latin alternative, fronted by a host of talented local Latinas. Also, at 10 p.m., Noches will hold a listening release party for Café Tacuba frontman Sizu Yantra's new solo album, Bienvenido al Sueño.

Feminas DJ Night at Noches Indie/Gentes takes place at 10 p.m. Thursday, October 12, at PS14, 28 NE 14th St., Miami. Admission is free. Visit

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John Linn