The Deep End

Things for the local goth scene just haven't been the same since Manray South closed. The once-vibrant Pompano Beach nightclub was a virtual mecca to the legions of goth and industrial fans that piled into the club on Fridays and Saturdays for live bands and dark-themed dance nights. But that was four years ago. Nowadays, goth has become something of a dirty word, industrial-themed nights are few and far between, and another fervent yet disillusioned SoFla scene has been all but left behind. But two local DJs, GG and Sentry, who hold regular spots at the Wednesday goth night Kollectiv, have moved to fill the industrial-sized void that left fans waxing nostalgic on the weekends.

"Every week, there would be a couple of people standing outside Respectables at the end of the night, whining about how they miss Manray," GG says. "We wanted to start a night in Palm Beach for us."

That they have, and they're calling it Rapture. And really, what could be a better namesake for a scene waiting for its musical salvation? Every other Saturday night, GG and Sentry hold court, spinning retro alternative, new, and classic industrial, synthpop, goth and EBM. The set lists, ranging from bands like the Cure and Wolfsheim to Death in June and Sisters of Mercy, are fine-tuned enough to appeal to hardcore and casual listeners alike. And when those sets get old, well... that just doesn't happen much, thanks to a rotation of guest DJs and live acts like Cyanide Regime and Hardwire: Seppuku. Thankfully, the venue has embraced its new clientele. And hopefully, the final Rapture won't be taking place any time soon.

Rapture takes place at 10 p.m. Saturday, December 9, at Scallywags, 902 N. Dixie Hwy., Lantana. Admission costs $5. Call 561-283-6880, or visit

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John Linn