The Deep End

Goth is like the wasting disease. It's all about death, but you can never quite get rid of it. There are plenty of willing participants in South Florida all dressed up for funerals, but is there really anywhere to go? A couple of local goths didn't think so, and they've decided to let the music groan for itself at a new, 100 percent goth night called Nocturna.

The event will take place the last Saturday of each month and feature only — and they mean only — gothic music. Their motto — "No EBM, no industrial, no techno, no offense" — is a reflection of that ethos. So while you likely won't hear the Smiths or Front 242, you may hear Siousxie or Bauhaus. But the promoters don't want to alienate any lonely goths out there — instead, they've chosen to remain anonymous and keep the focus squarely on the music (and not just on who's throwing the party). They'll even send out a nifty little VIP card to anyone who inquires on Nocturna's MySpace site, good for a couple of bucks off admission. Now that's what communities are made of.

Nocturna takes place at 9 p.m., Saturday, January 27 at the Mental Ward, 1931 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $7. Visit

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John Linn