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Just what Miami needs: another fabulously chic, grossly overpriced temple of sin. Multimillion-dollar dance club Nocturnal opened its doors at the beginning of May and has already garnered serious buzz because, well, Miami loves a serious buzz. While the upstairs roof deck -- replete with downtown views and a fog machine running on overdrive -- is dedicated to house and breaks, the main floor is dominated by Miami native and Nocturnal resident DJ Craze. As responsible for Nocturnal's booty-wagging atmosphere as the copious microskirts and nonexistent tan lines -- and certainly more so than the $12 cocktails -- Craze has won more prestigious DJ battles than can be listed in this small space. In the late '90s, he dominated several competitions, and successive world tours brought him international acclaim. He's an ardent devotee of all things hip-hop -- old school to new, crunk to funk, radio-ready to unreleased remix -- but he's also been known to drop a classic rock track or drum 'n' bass breakdown into his beat-drunk sets. It's no surprise the club has turned to the man born Arith Delgado to help gain a foothold in the expanding downtown corridor. Tight, hot, and full of hip-hop swagger, Craze spins the soundtrack to Miami's nighttime passion plays.

DJ Craze wrecks the decks at 10 p.m. Friday, June 3, at Nocturnal, 50 NE 11th St., Miami. Tickets cost $15. Call 877-258-2847, or visit

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Jonathan Zwickel

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