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The Deep End

"In the early '90s, clubs like Kitchen and Nemesis pioneered new [goth-industrial] music," DJ Paul KLoV says. "Today's scene is falling apart. Kids are looking to mall chain stores for answers, and that's not gonna cut it." While you'd be hard-pressed to find many who disagree with him, it's equally challenging to find anyone more willing to change the situation than KLoV.

The affable West Palm Beach DJ has been a fixture at one of downtown West Palm Beach's best-known venues, Respectable Street Café, since the mid-'90s, first working security and then filling his current role as resident at Friday's retro-synth-pop, mod-themed Warsaw party. KloV has spread his dark new sonics -- from the future pop of VNV Nation to the aggro sounds of Combichrist -- not only at Respectables but at Fetish Factory's alter ego, the Morgue, and his new monthly party, Nacht Raid at Club XIT in Hollywood. He aims to revitalize industrial culture for the misguided youth lured by Hot Topic's blatant commercialism. "Let's instead look toward Industrial Nation magazine for updates, to venues that keep hope alive, and to the websites that care," he insists. Rivetheads, rejoice. By injecting renewed zeal into a flagging scene, KLoV proves there's heart and soul in industrial's synthetic guise.

Paul KLoV conducts the black-clad masquerade at Warsaw Fridays, 10 p.m. at Respectable Street Café, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. No cover; 21 and over are welcome. Nacht Raid starts at 10 p.m. every third Saturday of the month at Club XIT, 219 N. 21st Ave., Hollywood. KLoV and DJ Zen-O-Byte spin power noise, industrial, and EBM. Admission is $7 for women 18 and over and guys 21 and up and $12 for 18- to 20-year-old males. Call 954-925-5801.

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