The Noise Boys, themselves.
The Noise Boys, themselves.
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney

The Dewars Daytrotter Session Premieres

Daytrotter is not based in South Florida, but some of the area's most gifted artists have made the trip to Rock Island, Illinois, to get a nifty drawing done and record. Earlier this week it was Millionyoung, and now West Palm Beach's twin escapaders of folk the Dewars get some shine on the site.

Thanks to intrepid reporting by Beached Miami, we discover that Anthony and Zachary Dewar and band are hard at work on a new EP called Pent Up Joy. Some of the gents from Surfer Blood will appear on the recording, which will feature reworks of live staples that appeared on Songs From the Neverglades like "Noise Boys," "Strange Change," and "If the World was Gonna End Today."

"Noise Boys" is also one of five songs featured as part of the Daytrotter session. Just don't sleep on "Bulls and Bears," a tune that we will merely call rousing, and not spoil the rest of its dirty little surprises.

Listen: The Dewars @ Daytrotter

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