The Dewars Opening for Surfer Blood in October, Unveil New Songs at Bandcamp

Zachary Dewar (left) has confirmed to County Grind that he and his twin brother, Anthony (right), who perform Everglades psychedelic folk as the Dewars, will hit the road later this fall with their buddies in Surfer Blood and the Drums. The dates of the Dewars/Drums/SB overlap are October 3 in Portland, Oregon, through October 22 in Philadelphia. Readers from other locales, do not show up late! Also, a new Surfer Blood video we mentioned recently here has a brief cameo by the brothers.

Other media outlets such as New Band Day are taking notice of the Dewars' three-track EP now streaming over at Bandcamp. The album artwork features a familiar face for anyone who has been

following the goings-on at Lake Worth's emerging venue for indie rock, Little Munich. See below:

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The three songs streaming all figure regularly into the Dewars' live performances. "Switzerland" is a clever bit of noirish acoustic guitar and cello with a rhyme scheme that involves various parts of Europe and key years in the Second Great War. Eventually the Leonard Cohen comparisons have to stop, but not today.

Finally, it looks like the pool is open again.

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