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The Drip Effect: "We All Love Rock and Roll and Each Other"

Take a listen to the Drip Effect. It isn't metal, it isn't indie rock, and it doesn't quite care. The band is more focused on creating something important to itself than keeping a consistent sound for the rest of the world. This refreshing approach to music has kept the group busy behind the scenes crafting their first release, Dinosaw.

Formed by two original Raggy Monster members, the Drip Effect already has the chops to rock a crowd and hold its own. In fact, the quality of the act's live show and keen stage presence are at the top of its list of things to kick ass at. With a solid show in the bag, the band is now focused on showing off its favorite jams.

Before the official album release, we chatted with the Drip Effect about how the group got its start, why it was forced to change the band name, and what beer you should be drinking next time you catch a show.

You guys haven't played a ton of shows, and this is your first release. Not everyone knows a whole lot about the Drip Effect. How did it start?

Oscar Ramirez: Josh was the original guitarist for Raggy Monster and Kyle was the original bass player.

Josh Hamilton: There was some conflict of interest. I thought they were great and personally we all got along great but we wanted to make a different kind of music.

Oscar: And then I just kind of showed up and played with them and we jammed out and we clicked. I think we wrote our first song that day.

Kyle Seiler: It's a labor of love, we all love rock and roll and each other.

When someone walks away from a Drip Effect show, what do you want to leave them thinking?

Oscar: I want them to say, "That is a really, really good live band." Recording for us was a really long process. It took a year. Even though the actual recording didn't take a year, our lives kind of got in the way. We were focused on our shows more than anything else. The album was more to put all of our songs in one spot. Every song almost sounds like a different genre. If someone is really into music, they can differentiate. If someone isn't into music they are going to think it is a heavy rock, alternative band. We just wrote our favorite songs and put them on an album.

Kyle: I like that though. It doesn't have to be as cohesive as other bands. They are songs that we liked, we made, and we put them on the record.

What was it like when you were forced to change the original band name "The Drip"?

Josh: It is sort of an "I told you so" thing for Oscar, and he doesn't get many of those. We came across another band in Washington that had the same name and they were a grind core band. We had already had our name and been playing shows so I didn't want to change it. They were all the way in Washington and not signed so it should be fine. A couple of months down the road, Oscar convinced us to do it. So we ended up coming up with the Drip Effect. We wanted something similar. Come to find out in the last month, the Drip got signed to a pretty big label so we did the right thing.

If someone has never heard your band, why should they come out to the CD release?

Josh: First of all, it's on Friday the 13, and you never know what is going to happen on a night like that. But also the biggest reason is to support local music. These local artists playing garages and warehouses are the same people that are later selling out arenas. Bands couldn't grow without local support. There needs to be more of that around here and we are really trying to work with other bands and market ourselves. We worked really hard and we want people to give us a chance live. Ultimately, that's where we think we shine, and I think everyone should give it at least one shot to see if they like it.

This questions is specifically for Oscar (General Manager at TAP Global in Delray). What is the best beer to drink when listening to the Drip Effect?

Oscar: I would have to say Rogue Dead Guy Ale because of how rugged it is. It's a little bit abrasive but at the same time, a little sweet. It's a little rough around the edges

Kyle: And it makes you want to have sex.

The Drip Effect officially dropped Dinosaw on Tuesday, May 27. Visit their Facebook page.

The Dinosaw release party is Friday, June 13, at Propaganda, 6 South J Street in Lake Worth. Doors open at 8.p.m. with support from the Thieving Hand and Moguera. Visit the Facebook event page.

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