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The Final Jacobs Ladder Tour Diary: The Long Trip Home

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To read past installments of Jacobs Ladder's tour diary, click here. This is the final installment, by bassist Sammy Gonzalez. Now that the band is back home, you can stay updated on their shows and releases by checking out the Jacobs Ladder MySpace page

Driving home from Tampa at 12:30 a.m. I took a long time to reflect on this tour: all the different people I met, cities I played in, floors I slept on. The drive back home from tour is always a strange feeling. While I'm gone I miss my family, friends, and girlfriend, but the closer I get to Miami, the more I feel like I'm leaving something behind. As long as we're home working our other jobs, I feel like I'm just wasting time.

As I think back, I realize that this was the most rewarding tour we've ever been on. We hadn't finished the mixing for our new EP before we left, so we had to take care of that on the road, listening online and sending notes back and forth. Then we had to talk to our cover artist (see the album cover above!) and all the other people behind the project. But once the EP was finally done, was really cool to see everything we've been working for over the last few months appear before our eyes in physical form.

With many more tours to come, I pray we just keep moving on up, and that our fans enjoy our new stuff s we expand to broader horizons. A big thanks to everyone that came out to our shows, to all the bands who played with us, and everyone behind the scenes who helped make all of this happen!


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