The Five People You Meet at MoonFest 2014

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West Palm Beach's coolest ghouls will be crawling along Clematis Saturday night, drinks in hand and ready to party. It's already time for MoonFest again, the city's annual Halloween block party that results in a fair amount of hubbub, smooching, and booze-flinging while dancing.

With 20 bands and DJs on three stages and a Silent Disco area, MoonFest certainly won't have a shortage of sounds. However, we know you'll probably be too distracted creating your three boob-ed Florida lady costume to actually figure out which act to see by the time you arrive. So we here at County Grind kindly compiled a simple guide for the fest. We matched which kinda Halloweener you are with which bands are playing, so you can easily meet up with those of similar tastes and interests.

Here are the five people who will definitely be at MoonFest this year.

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1. The Group Costumers

They're coming to see: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

We see you of ancient references, dressed up as the cast of Gilligan's Island.

Group costumes can get very creative and those in them are always having some sort of giggly blast That's why this indie rock headliner will appeal to their sensibilities. These folks will enjoy dancing to the band's happy, poppy tunes -- perhaps in unison?

Formed in 2004, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has performed with many rad Davids who have inspired Halloween costumes over the decades, including David Bowie and David Byrne. With song names like "The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth," this band is perfect for people dressed as the entire cast of Game of Thrones who lived in a time before toothbrushes.

2. The Scantily Clad Drunk Gal

They're coming to see: PRiZM

As Cady Heron says in Mean Girls, Halloween is "the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." The same goes for Moonfest, obvi.

So all ladies dressed as dominatrixes or kittens or sexy Virgin Marys will be looking for the DJ that can help them show off their most sensual dance moves. Miami DJ and Ultra Music Festival alum, PRiZM, has plenty of bass-dropping thumpers to get these girls shaking their lace-covered behinds.

3. The Stoner

They're coming to see: Franscene

These are the folks hotboxing in the car before trudging out onto Clematis, and they're probably not even wearing costumes. They're just here to chuckle at everyone else's garb.

Lake Worth jam band Franscene will be perfect for them to space out to after a couple of ganj hits. Franscene's groovy songs -- influenced by Jimi Hendrix and STS9 -- will put the stoner's fried brain at ease.

4. The Buff Bro

They're coming to see: Lo IQ?

Whether the bros are dressed in cop or caveman outfits (each of which would be an excuse to show that, yes, they do lift), they are at MoonFest for two reasons: to consume as many $7 Fireball shots as possible and to grab one (or several) of the Scantily Clad Drunk Gals' lace-covered behinds (see No. 2).

As a result, Miami breakbeat DJ Lo IQ? will get their blood pumping and their 'roids raging. They'll especially appreciate that he remixed the popular Saturday Night Live parody song "When Will the Bass Drop?" featuring Andy Samberg.

5. The Guy Who Only Wears a Mask (and Never Takes It Off)

They're coming to see: Ohverclock

These creepy patrons will remind you that, oh yeah, Halloween is a scary holiday, not just an excuse to wear a funny costume and get hammered.

However, local industrial act Ohverclock should keep them occupied during their hourlong set. Its sound, described on its Facebook page as "energetic real electro made by cyborgs from their base on Titan," will have the masked men headbanging so much perhaps the masks'll fall off and the man underneath revealed.

MoonFest with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Gravel Kings, Ethan Parker Band, Sweet Bronco, Franscene, The Kinected, and many more. From 7 p.m. Saturday, October 25 to 9 a.m. Sunday, October 26, between 100 and 500 Blocks of Clematis St., West Palm Beach. General admission tickets are on sale for $7 ($10 day of) and VIP for $50 ($70 day of). Event is 21 and older. Call 305-879-2906, or visit moonfestevents.com.

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