The Get Is Gone (For Now); Meet Henry Krinkle Tonight at The Vagabond

Jantunen has reemerged as Henry Krinkle, a funny moniker to name something that ought to never be anonymous: the dub-inflected first single, "Come Back To Me," is, appropriately, a dope comeback. As daydream-inducing as his earlier tracks, it's smoother this time, more rounded, all grown up. 

Says the man himself: "'The Get' is no more -- for now, at least. My new alias is Henry Krinkle... I plan on doing it big with this project, but I will let the music speak for itself, for now."

Tonight at Vagabond's ((SHAKE)) party, Henry Krinkle will debut his live act while opening for Shuttle Life, who are premiering their new mixtape, Hover Mode. Listen to "Come Back To Me" here and click around his BandCamp to get yourself in the mood; we can only imagine what this will sound like with heavier, real-life bass.



((SHAKE)) with Shuttle Life, Henry Krinkle, and DJs Ashworth, Rob Riggs, and A-Train. Live painting by Ticoe RBG. Thursday, February 9, at The Vagabond (30 NE 14th St., Miami). RSVP to Shake305@gmail.com for no cover. View the event page.

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