The Getback's "Standing By" Video's Tawdry Details

Extra credit to the County Grind readers who remember that regular contributor Jose Flores fronts a riotous pop-punk band called the Getback. Anyhow, JoFlo passed along his outfit's latest visual accompaniment to their recently released Halfway Home. Filmed back in April during the Sweatstock festivities at Churchill's, "Standing By" busts through with the universal message of not wanting to play the game no more. Be it checkers, Wii bowling, or a relationship gone wrong, this is something we've all dealt with.

Check out the clip and Flores' amusing insights on the process below.

What went into the creation of this video?

The guy who shot it had the tiny camera nestled in a little papoose

type contraption on his chest, he was very forceful with his filming

techniques. His name is Andres Beligoy, and some audience members really

wanted to pounce him. It was edited by our good friend and videographer of 13 years, George Olmos.

What footage ended up on the cutting room floor?


footage of Danny Palacios (bassist) or Juan Manuel Rotulo (drummer)

ended up on the cutting room floor, somehow the camera was focused very

firmly on me and lead guitarist, Gus Rod Gonzalez. Any shots where I

didn't look pretty strong or super cute were axed. For the Gus Rod

shots we had to pick randomly, as he always looks so good.

Wardrobing for this video consisted of...?

Our drummer Juan Manuel said, "hey, let's all wear black T-shirts,

and jeans.. Jose, wear that black T-shirt with the heart on it, from the

album cover" we all agreed, Gus Rod said, "my black shirt says 'Back In

Black' on it," after thinking it over, we let it slide... even if it

wasn't a pure black T-shirt. We all agree that it the black T-shirt/jeans motif carried over though in our live performance and onto

the video.

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