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With Euro-heavyweights Múm and B. Fleischmann on its roster, Berlin-based Morr Music has been a consistent crucible for upbeat glitch since 1999. Its latest offering, the Go Find's Miami, is no exception. More accessible than its other esoteric labelmates, the Go Find is committed to bridging the gap between indie and electro. Its one-man maestro, Dieter Sermeus, gained his footing by opening for the likes of Pavement and Stereolab years ago, and hints of their influence resonate throughout his debut record. But most piquant is Sermeus' collaboration with fellow Belgian Arne Van Petegem, a.k.a. Styrofoam, one of the country's best exports since Stella.

As Morr's resident senior artist, Van Petegem served as mentor to Sermeus, and the resulting Miami is listener-friendly, laptop-n-guitar pop. "What I Want" is an intriguing hybrid of Pavement's "In Her Mouth a Desert." The other noteworthy track, "Sky Window," is a bubbling cauldron of blips and bloops. With all the lessons he's learned from Styrofoam, it's due time for Sermeus to graduate. -- Kelly Shindler

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