The Goddamn Hustle "Dirty Little Pet Names" Music Video Premiere at Green Room, April 13

Generally speaking, Friday the 13th is reserved for black cats, graveyards, and our favorite hockey mask wearing friend, Jason. Well, not this month. At least not for local band, the Goddamn Hustle.

Last month TGH teamed up with director BJ Golnick to create a music video for the band's single, "Dirty Little Pet Names". After successfully gaining funding  through a Kickstarter project, the foursome will premiere it on Friday night at the Green Room.

In addition to the video premiere, a slew of local bands -- aside from the obvious performance by the Goddamn Hustle, duh -- Astrea Corporation, Protoman, and Lavola will also take the stage.

Give the track a listen after the jump.

GDH - DIRTY LITTLE PET NAMES by The Goddamn'Hustle

The Goddamn Hustle video premiere with Lavola, Protoman, and Astrea Corporation. 6p.m. Friday, April 13, at the Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. $5 Admission. For more info click here.

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