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The HoneyComb Helps Florida Wildlife Federation, Steve Rullman Lampooned on Twitter as Thanks

Let's start with the good news: Wednesday's Oil.Spill.Benefit show, curated by the HoneyComb's Steve Rullman and hosted by Lake Worth rock bar Propaganda, raised $3,000 to benefit the Florida Wildlife Federation. County Grind, and many other members of the local music community wore expressive T-shirts to the show, featuring Surfer Blood, the Jameses, the Dewars and Cop City/Chill Pillars. It was a joyous night, and an example of like-minded positive forces working together for something bigger.

On the other hand, a local music scene wouldn't be complete without the voice, or in this case, the anonymous iPhone prophet, of dissent. Yesterday afternoon, @ThePhoneyComb, an account attributed to "Steev Pullman" and located at the "Smoke Pit on J Street," started following @CountyGrind, @Crossfade, @SurferBlood and other local members of the Twitter-verse, and posted its first snarky tweet:

Although I've never slept on a hemp pillow, I get a lot of Facebook notes from Steve Rullman regarding

upcoming concerts in the area. (Keep 'em coming, please!) Two thoughts

for those concerned about the "spamming," though: there are multiple

ways to configure the popular social networking site to minimize

unwanted information, and the best is just to spend less time staring

at a MacBook/Blackberry screen in the first place. Now where is my

kettle and the black paint?

In many ways, Rullman can and should only take this light-hearted LOL-trolling meme about his facial hair, booking reggae, and being one of the many people who only respond to the music of the Jameses (us too!) with gushing, blissful praise, as the ultimate compliment. No one can be imitated and roasted -- let alone worthy of a South Florida-style Hipster Runoff takedown -- without doing something notable enough to be a public figure in the first place.

As of 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, @ThePhoneyComb has five followers (two of them are me) and @TheHoneyComb (the genuine article) has 287.

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