The Hongs Bring Rock Disco to Green Room on Saturday Night

​You may not have heard of The Hongs yet, but they've been bringing what they call disco rock to the scene for a hot minute. Bassist Gordon Myers recently moved back to Miami from New York, tired of the winters, bringing with him this unique style of dance music. 

"We're trying to put together a DJ experience with live musicians with acoustic instruments." Myers says, adding a human element to the club music scene. 
Last year, The Hongs worked with Brazilian Girls to record two EPs. They'll be releasing five of the songs on March 31 at a CD release party at Bardot, while the other half will come out in the fall. He became friends with the electronic dance group many years back in New York, went on tour with them, and even was around for a documentary that was filmed and saw the band's demise. 

"They're just friends of mine, and it was a nice opportunity to work together. They were looking for other projects, and I was looking to do something different," Myers related. The Hongs have also worked with Afrobeta's Tony Smurphio who plays on the record. 

"We came about when the music business imploded." He said of the origin of the interesting band name. "The Hongs are historically Chinese business conglomerates from ancient China that were essentially independent. Musicians really have to take charge and take ownership of their business." 

They'll be playing for the first time in Fort Lauderdale this weekend at Green Room. Usually, they perform at Bardot and the Electric Pickle. Myers said to expect high energy at the show, so bring your dancing shoes and and your rock and roll heart.  

The show takes place at 9 p.m. on March 3 at Green Room (109 SW Second Avenue, Fort Lauderdale). 

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