The Inaugural Player Hater's Ball at Laser Wolf on February 14

Ah... Valentine's Day. It's a time for cheesy stuffed animals, overpriced bouquets of red roses, and jam-packed restaurants. Now doesn't that sound so romantic? But, hey what about those of us without a date? Should we just stay home wallowing in our sorrows? Certainly not!

Skip drowning yourself in sadness while eating a box of chocolates in the bathtub, downing a bottle of vodka, with Bright Eyes on the record player. Instead, how about you put on your hottest dress (or maybe even a pimp suit for the guys) and head on over to the Laser Wolf for the inaugural Player Hater's Ball.

Brought to you by the folks of Jams, Black Locust Society, Radio-Active Records, and Laser Wolf, there will be DJs spinning your favorite hatin' tunes, food trucks serving up taco goodies (but I wouldn't eat too many if you're planning on taking home a lover that night), and a special performance by Protoman. Now, doesn't that sound a whole lot better than crying your eyes out and watching The Notebook?

Player Hater's Ball with Protoman and DJs Robert G, Mikey R, Sensitive Side, Damask, and Esoteric. Tuesday, February 14, at Laser Wolf, 901 Progresso Drive, Fort Lauderdale.

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