The Jesus and Mary Chain's Five Snottiest Interviews

If you like annoying feedback, keep reading. Scottish masters of aloofness the Jesus and Mary Chain will re-release each of its six studio full-lengths. Demon Music Group, it seems, is moving alongside U.K. compatriots Rhino Records' release of The Smiths discography. Unlike Rhino, Demon will be releasing each as a CD and DVD package, complete with a huge chunk of b-sides, rare tracks, and comprehensive booklets full of pictures. 

Product information aside, we feel it is important to note that the

Jesus and Mary Chain's Jim and William Reid pioneered the moody, snotty, dark attitude that a

lot of bands can have. Take a look with us as we celebrate the five

snottiest interviews they have ever recorded.

In this interview done for French television on 1986, our heroes discuss why pop music is shite, why the Jesus and Mary Chain stands out, and why they deserve the attention they began to receive. While all of what they said is true, one cannot help but balk a little.

Leather jackets and sunglasses indoors, these cool cats prove to be the original bosses in this 1987 interview.

We understand that sometimes musicians become bored with doing a long series of interviews, but in this clip from Portugal's "Top +" television show, the brothers wax disinterest as they again discuss the bores of mainstream pop music. Again, it is easy to see the point they've made, although each answer is made to seem like a great ordeal to be given, with William's longest response being "I can't really comment on that."

When asked why people were so excited about them, the response given is unparallelled, proving to be the ultimate copout by saying "Because we're so good. Because we're so much better than everybody else."

And now for the coup de gras. When asked about the missing strings on their bass guitar, the interviewer is met with a lukewarm response of "What the fuck's it to you?"

Demon Music Group will release each Jesus and Mary Chain full-length at different dates. Psychocandy and Darklands are due for release on September 19th, 2011. One week later, September 26th, Honey's Dead and Automatic will drop. Lastly, on October 3rd, Stoned & Dethroned and Munki will come. For more information, visit Demon Music Group's official website, or The Jesus and Mary Chain's official Facebook profile.

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Ryan Burk