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"The Liberation Tour" With Mary J. Blige and D'Angelo

Before Christian Grey was forcibly "parting" Anastasia Steele's legs, leaving her "spread-eagle and totally vulnerable" in E.L. James' suburban soft-core gem Fifty Shades of Grey, the women of the world got frisky while fantasizing about a strong black man from Richmond, Virginia. This man is named Michael Eugene Archer, best-known as D'Angelo. Not long into the millennium, the then-26-year-old R&B crooner raised eyebrows and endorphin levels when he appeared stark naked in the video for his uncomfortably erotic single, "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)." When it was released in 2000, the single-shot video sparked unbelievable debate among fans and critics alike. Rumors that D had received oral sex during the filming, along with lyrics about making women "wet in between [their] thighs," disgusted some but, naturally, intrigued others. "Did homie just bust a nut on set?" you'd ask your buddies. "That's one kinky mofo." That was 12 years ago, and we still don't know for sure whether D-Money knows what if feels like to get brain on the set of a music video. Perhaps he'll come clean in Miami during "Liberation," D'Angelo's coheadlining tour with Mary J. Blige.

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