The Maine's Cover of OutKast's "Roses" Really Smells Like, You Know

"We initially planned on playing Limp Bizkit's 'Break Stuff,' and that

evolved into a Kid Cudi song, and that evolved into 'Roses' by OutKast,"

says John O'Callaghan, singer for Arizona pop-punk act the Maine (we don't get it either), regarding taking on the supercharged, choco-thunder, Prince-inspired OutKast classic "Roses" in the Billboard magazine offices. Not only does the band completely omit the Big Boi verse ("she had a hottie's body..."), but the acoustic affair sags like a just-deflated JetBlue emergency slide. Tacking a few bars of the real song at the end is a painful reminder of how weak it is. Even Fred Durst has reason to be pissed that he's roped into this.


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