The Motet's Dave Watts Calls Jam Cruise: "Not Your Average Gig"

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This is your third Jam Cruise, I believe. Why do you keep coming back?

Well, it's really just the best festival. You're completely immersed in the beautiful surroundings and all the other people there. There is no separation between the musicians and the fans. Everyone is together, enjoying each other. It's really cool. 

Have you ever been on a typical cruise with your family while you were growing up? Once I went on the Looney Tunes Cruise with the Big Red Boat. 

No, my family was never into that kind of stuff. But it does create such a stark contrast on Jam Cruise. It's so hilarious to see all these freaky people, with their sparkly faces and silver costumes and hair everywhere running around a touristy boat with a sort of Las Vegas atmosphere, with the crew tucked back into dark corners of the ship, just laughing and pointing. It's completely surreal. 

Not exactly the cruise we all went on when we were kids. 

Definitely not your average cruise. You know, but on the other hand, the people there are professional partiers. It's not like you're setting sail with a bunch of first-timers who are losing their brains and making a scene. These people know how to do it right, and enjoy each other, and not go overboard. 

That probably goes pretty appreciated when everyone is contained in one space over vast open seas together. 


Do you have a favorite tale from a Jam Cruise past?

Well, on the first Jam Cruise, me and Mike Travis from String Cheese somehow snuck to the front of the boat --- maybe I shouldn't be saying this on the record --- well, we snuck up above the captain's quarters in the very front of the boat. We were cruising back from five glorious days at sea, and the sun was just coming up and we were sitting hundreds of feet above the water with the entire ocean in front of us. I remember just thinking, "This is not your average gig."

As for the Motet, you are a pretty big crew. How do you guys travel when you're not on a cruise ship?

Well, at this point in our career we are keeping things focused. So we don't do the bus tours all over the place anymore. We get plane tickets and fly in and out of major areas. With this many people, there are a lot of little details, but we've got it down pretty good at this point. 

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