The Neighbourhood Keep "Each Other Entertained" on the Road

Are you in a music funk? No, we don't mean a George Clinton phase. We mean the terrible feeling that tortures your soul when new tunes are hard to find. That empty hole where once a hot Pandora discovery made its cozy home. It's aching to be filled again. Might we suggest The Neighbourhood as a solution? California's freshest, chilled out band comes with an extra dose of breeze and a sound all their own.

The Neighbourhood are one of the newest bands on the scene to be playing this weekend's Coastline Festival, but that isn't to say they haven't been around the block already. Their hit jam 'Sweater Weather' has no doubt found it's way into your ears and chances are good you went back for seconds. Suddenly this new Cali act has a burgeoning following and the stage presence to back it up. Before they take a lap at Coastline, we had a little chat with guitarist Zakk Abels about how far the band has come and making the best of life on the road.

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New Times: The Neighbourhood only formed in 2011. How were you involved in music before that?

Zakk Abels: Me, Jeremy and Mikey used to be in a band while we were in high school and used to play shows in our local music scene. That's how we ended up meeting Jesse and Bryan.

How did you decide on the band name?

Jesse came to us with the name and we just all thought it felt right for the type music that we were making.

"Sweater Weather" is a bonafide hit. How do you turn someone who likes the song into a Neighbourhood fan instead just someone who likes the song?

Probably by showing them all of our other songs and hopefully that would be enough to turn them into a fan.

You guys have been touring hard. What do you do on the road to keep yourself motivated and not bogged down?

We're usually pretty good at keeping each other entertained, but usually we'll either write music, play video games, or just talk and make each other laugh.

What influence has living in California had on your music?

Well so many talented bands have come from Southern California, so it really makes us strive to be the best and keeps us wanting to bring something new to offer to the world.

You guys have put out some 7" vinyls. Do you have a vinyl collection of your own going?

I actually don't, but I know Jeremy and Mikey do, but I think it's cool because it lets the fan have something a little more personal from the band.

Even cassette tapes are making a comeback these days. What do you think about that trend coming back?

I think that's really cool, it's something new and were all about new and different trends catching on.

What do you think about the rest of the Coastline lineup? Who are you excited to share the bill with?

I think it's a really strong lineup! Most of the bands have had a lot of success in the last year, so it should make for a fun show. I'm most excited to see Two Door Cinema Club because it's the one band on the whole lineup who I have not had the chance to see live yet.

Why should someone who has never heard of your band make a point to catch your set at Coastline?

I think we'll definitely have something different to offer than most of the bands

Coastline Festival, Sunday, November 10, at Cruzan Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach. Tickets available at

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