The Odd Couple

Stranger couples have formed musical partnerships in the past. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson... Sting and that Moroccan guy; hell, nobody saw Gnarls Barkley coming, and they took the world by storm and won two Grammy awards. So maybe folks shouldn't be surprised that Tommy Lee, former Mötley Crüe drummer, and DJ Aero, Costa Mesa's filthy electro king, are touring the country together and making music. The two are now a DJ tandem working the club circuit, but they still party like proper rock stars. Tommy swears he breaks out his drum kit at certain shows, but for the most part, the long-donged drummer is in the DJ booth, mixing electronica and heavy bass like a pro. The duo recently decided to chat with Outtakes about the ties that bind them:

Outtakes: So, Aero, we've got the goods on you. We know not only that your real name is Chester Deitz but that you have a secret life selling patio furniture through your online company!

Aero: When I met Tommy, I was doing worse than that! You know the restaurant Buffets Inc.? I was the regional manager!

So, Tommy, what made you want a buffet manager to become your tour DJ?

Lee: I saw a QuickTime movie of him [spinning], and I said, "This is fuckin' badass!" We met and started hanging out and working together, and physically I could see it — he's got a killer attitude and is supertalented.

Aero: If he wants a patio umbrella half-price, he's got it! [both laugh]

How did you start DJing?

Lee: Late '99 or 2000, I did that hybrid project. I got a chance to work with Mixmaster Mike from the Beastie Boys, Q-bert, and those guys, and I'd just never really seen that stuff up close. We were in the studio working together. Mike actually signed a set of Technics and gave them to me, and I started playing around.

If we came on your tour bus, what would we find?

Lee: A Jäeger machine — ice-cold Jäegermeister.

Aero: A recording studio.

Lee: You'd see some Hot Pocket wrappers.

Aero: Some cranberry juice.

Lee: A lot of vodka bottles.

Aero: A cranky bus driver.

Lee: Assorted bras and panties — normal tour stuff.

Do you prefer porno magazines or DJ magazines?

Lee: Oh my God, there are no porno magazines on our bus — it's all DJ magazines!

What does a girl have to do to get backstage these days?

Lee: Dance. Nothing is better than seeing a girl that can actually dance. And I have a sick analogy — if she can dance, it usually means she can fuck real good too.

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Deirdra Funcheon