The Orb Announce June 30 Date at Culture Room


Looking for some help coming down off the heaps of drugs you've been consuming? Chilling out with some ambient-house might not be a bad idea, and you can thank

The Orb
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for the genre. They weren't the first group of DJ's to spin the ultra-chill beats, but for a while in the 90's, they were certainly one of the most popular. Now, with the rave scene dying down considerably and the clubsters who were heavy into the scene 20 years ago are too old or too burnt out, the Orb is playing to a new crowd. Glow sticks and Vicks are optional (but probably not a great idea if you don't want to advertise how destroyed you are) on June 30 at the Culture Room. Tickets run $19.99 and can be purchased through



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