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The Pinker Tones Come To Transit Lounge Tomorrow Night

The Pinker Tones' sound is not exactly easy to describe, though for all intents and purposes, simply electronica will have to do. But in truth, there is much, much more to it.  From their home base of Pinkerland the Barcelona-based duo tinker with audio vibrations the way a mad scientist in a cartoon plays with brightly-colored vials and glowing beakers. Electronic dance music is their base formula, but they spike it with Latin sounds. A few drops of jazz, a sprinkle of bossa, a few cc's of funk and some soul for good measure.

Comprised of Mister Furia and Professor Manso, The Pinker Tones have released a handful of albums since 2003, but they've garnered some significant buzz in that brief span of time. Their sophomore release The Million Color Revolution nabbed the number one spot on Emusic. Numerous tracks from that and subsequent albums have earned auspicious positioning on soundtracks of all sorts, though they've particularly thrived in the video game arena. "The Million Color Revolution" found its way onto FIFA Soccer 07, and "The Whistling Song" onto FIFA Soccer 09. "In Pea We Nuts" landed a spot on Project Gotham Racing 4's soundtrack and Forza Motorsport 2 featured "Sonido Total and "Karma Hunters."

Last year, The Pinker Tones crisscrossed the States on a 44-date run

for the Vans Warped Tour, but this year they're offering far fewer

opportunities for fans to catch them live stateside. Luckily, Miami is

one of the three lucky U.S. spots they'll be hitting over the course of

the next week. They'll be performing along with Mexican alt rockers Kinky at Transit Lounge this Friday, May 1, as part of the Jack Daniels Studio 7 series (you know what that means...).

The Pinker Tones and Kinky perform Friday, May 1 at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave) at 9 p.m. Entrance is free.

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Christopher Lopez

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