The Psymatics Are Boynton Beach's Newest Noteworthy Band

It's just by chance that frontwoman of the fairly newly formed band the Psymatics, Brittanny Tyler Larevitzear, and drummer Danielle Romanowski both had dads who drum. Though their relationships with their fathers were very different -- Larevitzear has never known her dad -- the genetic need to beat definitely affected them both.

"I grew up in a pretty musical household," Larevitzear, who also croons with popular indie act Sweet Bronco, explained. She's been singing her whole life, "ever since I realized I could carry a tune," she said. And she always knew she wanted to sing in a band, not be a pop singer.

Now in her mid-20s, Romanowski grew up playing too -- piano since she was 6, and she was part of the drumline in high school. Along with guitarist Adam Billingslea, she played as a duo a few years ago.

Larevitzear said that when she met the two, she realized they were "very compatible musically." So much so that, she added, "they were the first people that I ever really wanted to act on our love of music together." The group added Derek McLean to the mix while Billingslea was in Tallahassee for a stint, and the foursome was solidified.

The Psymatics got their start in Boynton bar Sweetwater, where they perform monthly, including this Wednesday night. The band has written at least seven original songs but plays covers like "Wicked Games" by the Weeknd and others by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Queens of the Stone Age, and Radiohead.

"When we write," Romanowski says, "we're very jam-based, but once we flesh out a song -- I wouldn't call us a jam band... We're definitely influenced by blues and psych music." Larevitzear writes the bass lines usually; then they all jam on them. Of McLean, she noted, "he's constantly writing and coming up with so many riffs that we have to like put them on hold almost."

Larevitzear described the dynamic. "We're all pretty easy-going, as far as sharing ideas. Nobody has an ego or gets offended easily. We all add something different to the band, and we're all eager to learn from each other. We're all starting out on this project together, and so we're growing together at the same time."

Romanowski observed that the band's performances are noteworthy for the intense energy onstage. "Brittanny is bouncing around all over the place. Derek is like your blues virtuoso guitar player. He can solo like no other guitarist I've played with... Brittanny and I are so close and we work so much together that I think that the way we have fun and play together onstage is pretty apparent."

The two ladies have been friends for some time and now are cohabitating in Boynton Beach. Romanowski is a native, but Larevitzear moved here from Detroit as a kid. "I always identified more with that area, like Detroit Rock City -- they were always known for an awesome music scene. Not Boynton Beach so much."

But they've been getting more involved in the South Florida music community. They met Steve Rullman, who runs local music bible PureHoney, last summer when he saw them looking at an issue of the magazine. "He pushes really hard to get the music scene out there. He's a one of a kind as far as what he's doing in this area," Larevitzear said. "He's just a huge influence on the music scene and so important to South Florida."

The Psymatics played a set at PureHoney's three-year anniversary show. "That was the first time we were able to showcase a mostly original set," she said, and it was the biggest crowd the four had played to. "The energy at that show was just so positive. Everybody was just there for the music, everybody was supportive of each other, one of my favorite nights at Respectable Street in the longest." Romanowski added. "Playing shows recently has given us a lot of faith in our scene and how welcoming everybody's been."

The two spend a lot of time heading out to music festivals in other cities like Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo. Larevitzear admitted her dream is "to quit my job and tour around the world." She said she'd pack up dogs and equipment and head out.

Billingslea and Larevitzear are both big electronic enthusiasts, fans of Phantogram and Flying Lotus, and eventually hope to add some electronic elements into the Psymatics' sound. As for now, the group will play locally at Kreepy Tiki on November 17 and at Sweetwater on Wednesday, November 5, and are working on a new release.

The Psymatics on Wednesday, November 5, at Sweetwater Bar and Grill, 1507 S. Federal Highway, Boynton Beach. And with Prom Date, Sweet Bronco, and the Seraphonic on Monday, November 17, at Kreepy Tiki Tattoos, 2606 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Visit Facebook.

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