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The Real Hip-Hop Is Over… Here?

If you missed last month’s KRS-One show at Studio A, you missed out. (When and where else would you get to catch Fat Joe as a hype man?).

Still, even though the teacher born Kris Parker seems to make it down here at least once a year, this time local conscious cat Brimstone127 marked the occasion with a special meeting of MC minds.

Besides fronting a funky musical project that also features beatboxer Jase and lovely chanteuse Mariposah, Brimstone is also the Miami representative of the Temple of Hip-Hop. That’s the organization KRS started officially in 1996, to “assist in the building of Hip Hop as a legitimate community of prosperous and peace-filled people.”

“I’ve been working on a movie with KRS for about three years,” Brim says, “a sort of day-in-the-life thing. The last time he was down in October, I created a track for it where I wanted him to speak about himself. But he said, ‘Why don’t you have other people rap about me, than me rap about myself.’”

The result is “KR+S=ONE,” a video directed by Shane Kinsler and featuring twenty of Miami’s leading exponents of quality hip-hop. We’re not going to play favorites here (although we will say that Seven Star never ceases to impress), so as you watch the video, check the list of MCs below, in order of appearance:

Brimstone127, Garcia, Omniscient, Protoman, Seven Star, Dynas, Prime Legend, Cozmek, MC B.E.Z, LOX the Rippa, Ephniko, David Orpheus, Hazardis, Thousand Thoughts, Infinit, Butta Verses, Orion, Punch3nello, Peedo, and Soulflower.

-- Arielle Castillo

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Arielle Castillo
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