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The Resolvers Seek Sponsor for Their Fall Tour

The Resolvers are a band that we at County Grind have been following for a while now. The 20-or-so-person funky reggae act (j.k., 11, only 11) is kicking off its fall tour in Asheville, N.C., on October 5. This trek will expose more than 4,000 people to their SoFla created jams.

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The thing is, they're still in need of some support. You know, the kind that's green. Thus, they're seeking an advertiser who wants access to a mostly college-aged audience. They promise to get the word out there about whatever it is you're

slinging with a banner onstage (and thus in everyone at the show's iPod

and on all of YouTube) and on all digital materials. The Deerfield Beach

band has gotten plenty of lovin' from its hometown, but obviously we're excited to see it  take its big sound on the road.

A statement from frontman Ron Eisner clarifies things even more: 

"The band has been growing exponentially in all directions... In band members, in the sound, and our audience.

Now we feel it is time to expand our territory as well. It is

challenging to be a touring band if your home base is South Florida. It

takes 7 hours just to cross the state line so every aspect of the tour

planning must be in place before we head out... Especially when dealing

with such a big band... We are a family and I feel blessed to be a part

of this project with so many of my close friends that are also

incredible musicians that I look up to. We inspire each other all the

time and feel like it is only the beginning of what is soon to come --

world tours, bringing the joyous celebration to the masses! We would

never have made it this far if not for our loyal fanbase, right here in

Broward County."

Well, thanks, Rob!

If you're interested in contacting the band, hit it up via its Facebook.

Tour dates (two more expected)
Oct. 5 - The Higland Brewery, Asheville, NC
Oct. 6 - TreeFest Reggae Festival, Charleston, SC
Oct. 9 - Live Wire, Savannah, GA
Oct. 11 - The Rock Shop Music Hall, Fayetteville, NC
Oct. 12 - Roasted Cafe, Macon, GA
Oct. 14 - South Street, Naples, FL

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