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The Secondhand Outfit is on a World Tour of South Florida, Ya Heard?

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The Secondhand Outfit a.k.a. DJ Sensitive Side a.k.a. Jasper Delaini has been making steady waves on the underground side of the South Florida music scene through releases, parties, and performances.  He's making a few appearances in the next few weeks at some pretty cool jams in both Broward and Miami-Dade.  Next up is a hip-hop, glitch, dubstep, etc. night at Fat Cats in Broward called Tron as Fuck on Tuesday, May 26. Then you have a pretty awesome art opening curated by Omar Lopez in North Miami at CS Gallery called Arsenals and Agendas on Friday, May 29. And as Delaini works his way south, he is gonna pass by  Black Sheep for Rice and Beans, which goes down the first Saturday of every month. Delaini is extremely lyrically dope and is liable to throw down verses over any record with a beat on it, from an actual Rush album to instrumental breakbeats. "The goal is to be able to get up on a mike and just go for it, regardless of what the track is," Delaini says.

If you have a chance, catch one or all of these performances. Check his web site for full details.

Check out how dope Delaini was in 2006 after the ,and just know that he has been steady advancing since then.

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