The Shakers, Jose El Rey, Beings at Radioactive Records 8th Anniversary Party July 18

Mikey Ramirez and the folks over at Radioactive Records are celebrating 8 straight years of holding it down for the Broward County music scene with a big ass party Saturday, July 18. You might remember them as CD Collector, but they switched over to the more appropriate name around 2007ish now that cd's have waned and wax has, well,  waxed. The independent record store features an amazing variety of new, used and highly collectible items including lots and lots of vinyl, as well as the expertise of a staff as dedicated to music as anyone.  To sweeten the pot in recent years they have expanded their performance space and have hosted quite a few awesome shows of the all ages variety in a luxuriously smoke-free setting.  Ramirez has been an instrumental force in the evolution and forward motion of the

store, lending his considerable passion to these changes, as well as a

penchant for fantastic haircuts and tight jeans. 

This anniversary party is primed for fun with Margate Punk Rock™ Superstars, the Shakers, who are also releasing their latest record at the show, the King of Miami Pop, José el Rey (doing a solo guitar-based set) and Beings, a super interesting sort of super-group project that features Mike Alén (:nobuhjest:, Secret Service, System 2600, Lift, Foreign Bodies, Dolcé Cuetara, Brown Study, Map of the Universe, Static Shots), Betty Monteavaro (Floor, Cavity), and Ivan Marchena (Bling Bling).

Also all merchandise will be 10 percent off and the party is earlyish.

The free party starts at 5 p.m. with all ages welcome. Radioactive Records is located at 1930 E Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale.

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Dominic Sirianni