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The Sounds of Throbbing Gristle, Can, and Neu!... on South Beach???

psychictuesdays.jpgFederico Nessi, a.k.a DJ Healer, is an artist (see the latest Sweat Records installation) and a repatriated Miamian who likes to dance, but scoffs at the current notions of "indie." Thus he and Ricardo Guerrero, a.k.a. This Heart Electric, a.k.a. that dude from Animals of the Arctic, a.k.a. DJ R3K+, are putting on their own night. They've turned their love of the likes of Can, Throbbing Gristle, Neu!, and, on the newer side, Dino Felipe, into a no-cover underground weekly party, Psychic Tuesdays, at Bella Rose (423 16th St. Miami Beach).  

"We want to present a real REAL alternative," says Nessie. "At this point even the 'indie' shit has become mainstream. Take MGMT. I'll dance to that song, but whatever. It isn't indie."  

As a soundtrack, they promise shit that you haven't heard outside of your cooler older sister's bedroom, as well as a healthy dose of local cuts. Further, each week will be themed differently with decorations to match.

However, don't expect hours of super-boring (fake-interesting) boops, bleeps, and torturous noise assaults. "I want it to be a dance night," Nessi says. Expect the two hosts to DJ every week, alongside a slew of guest locals who also get the concept.

Psychic Tuesdays is the current product of a loose collective of Miami artists and musicians known as Psychic Youth, Inc; they pulled off Singles Night and WireWireWire last year. The group includes the Electric Bunnies, Dino Felipe, and Ana Mendes, as well as Guerrero, Nessi, and others.  Besides the promise of unknown, yet super-jamming, dance tracks, they are using the sweet, sticky trap of free alcohol to lure us in, with an open bar from 10 p.m. to midnight. The jump-off is Tuesday, January 20.

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Dominic Sirianni

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