Things To Do

The Stained Glass Pub

The Stained Glass Pub has been cooking up a calypso-inspired groove since 1972. The Dutch-style bungalow now sports green, red, and blue side panels -- symbols of the ever-cheery outlook here (especially during happy hour). This is a happy place and any attempt to upset that will be met with a warning: "If you are grouchy, irritable or just plain mean, there will be a $10 charge for putting up with you," says the sign behind the bar. Advice that waxes poetic to the souls affixed to the central bar. Tan torsos barely covered under tank tops and tube tops linger and sway at the speed of summer. No one's in a rush. The smell of tanning lotion and beer floats and no one hurries to finish what's in his or her glass. Beach rock and service with a smile set a tone that feels like we're all on vacation -- and impervious to the mayhem across the street on US 1. The stained glass, and namesake of this gem, is a series of windows embedded into the bar. Mine is lovely beneath 20 ounces of Stella Artois. Tables spill outside for when the weather and the party heat up, and booths fit snug around the bar for more intimate gatherings. The bamboo ceiling completes the island look, which is more Jimmy Buffet than it is Jimmy Cliff. Power hour Thursdays get you all you can drink ($10 hourly). Live music takes the stage on Fridays. And beer pong is game on Saturdays.

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Bryan Falla