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The Strip to Open in Old Rumi Location on Lincoln Road

​A new South Beach, velvet-rope spot is anticipated to open before the end of this month. It is a resurrection of the old Rumi locale, next to SET on Lincoln Road. And before you roll your eyes and start a death clock, you should check out the deets from the press release we received yesterday.

The Strip is billed as an "entertainment venue" where "almost anything goes." Performance areas will be placed throughout the venue, and there is a second story stage and a peep show booth. VIP hostesses and entertainers will wear next to nothing in what promises to be at least a simulation den of pleasure. Expect an old Hollywood interior with a naughty twist, as the place will be strewn with chandeliers, suspended swings, and other performance devices. The private VIP room boasts luxuries such as fur covered walls, a private bar, and a dancer's pole.

Burlesque performers, fire-eaters, body painters, shape shifters, and

aerialist acrobats are all on the bill. They'll be in the hands of

entertainment talent such as Emmy-nominated choreographer Glenn Douglas

Packard, vocalist and songwriter Tokyo Diiva, and performance artist

WildChild. Eric Levin will head the team, as he did back when the

location was named Rumi. Levin's heavy sports connections likely

influenced his decision to open in time for the Miami Pro Bowl.

We for one think the whole venture sounds muy caliente. Miami Beach is

a sexy city that tends to lower the inhibitions of travelers and locals

alike. It seems The Strip hopes to harness that collective desire into

a lucrative hot spot. We've got our eye on you.

The Strip is located at 330 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach and is scheduled to open the end of January 2010.

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Nicole Cussell
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