The Talent Farm Closes Doors After Nearly a Decade

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Burns is the sort of guy you don't often encounter in this industry and has displayed a sort of generosity that simply cannot be overstated. At the Talent Farm, touring bands always got paid decently. Locals always got paid if there was anything left after the touring bands were taken care of. Bands on the road were always provided a warm meal and a DVD recording of their set that night. If a band couldn't find a place to stay the night, Burns would frequently let them sleep in the venue (which had rehearsal rooms with couches and a clean bathroom). Kevin Burns quite literally allowed some of us to move into the Talent Farm for periods of time when we could not find our own accommodations.

These things may sound paltry to the uninitiated, but anyone that has spent any time on the road in a hardcore band or performing in one around town will tell you that Burns made the sort of sacrifices over the years, financial and otherwise, that should qualify him for a local sainthood of some sort.

While we're sad to see the place close its doors so abruptly and pointlessly, we remind you (as we have with the recent change-of-the-guard at Churchill's Pub) that you cannot kill a community or an idea, and while the Talent Farm will now live on solely in fond memories and YouTube videos, the area's music community will certainly trudge on and survive. We spoke with Burns for the full scoop on the situation and his future plans.

The news of you closing the Talent Farm's doors is most unexpected! The rumor I've been hearing is a neighboring business owner put you in bad standing with the landlord. What happened?

Well, it's been cumulative over the years. Lately, people have been out in the parking lot -- mostly everybody has been just hanging, not doing anything wrong.

So he just complained to the landlord or the city about people in the lot?

Basically, yeah. The landlord can't cover my back anymore because he put the landlord in a situation that made him aware that my maximum occupancy is being circumvented. The landlord had to cover his ass, you know? And he wanted to attack me personally, and I'm not having any of that either. It's come down to the fact that I'm not leaving the venue today until I get the majority of my expensive equipment out of here.

So it's done that quickly? You're already moving out?

My lease expired on the 31st, and I thought I could sneak in a few shows, but I got a cease-and-desist letter this morning that excludes me from doing that, and I had to cancel even tonight's show, and basically I'm done, man.

It's been almost a decade of shows at the Talent Farm, yeah?

It's been nine years!

I remember playing some of the first couple of shows you put on when you first opened the place, and I know you've had some hard times over the years keeping the lights on and the ride hasn't been easy, but it has to be difficult to leave something you built with your own hands behind.

Oh yeah! No doubt about it. There's plenty of memories, there's plenty of kids who literally grew up here!

Has the place had an easier time financially as of late? It seemed to be on the upswing from the outside looking in.

Yeah! I was finally able to pay my rent on time, my electric on time -- still never took a salary -- but I was able to keep the place going without worrying about how I'm going to do this or that or the other thing. Shit was really happening! And I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and it was a freight train!

What's next for you? Are you going to look for a new location?

I'm already looking for new locations. I have a couple of people interested in doing business with me, but that's kind of at arms distance because I just can't be in business with somebody I don't know necessarily as a partnership to open a new venue.

I don't have the money to open a new venue, but if I find the right partner and I find the right place, I'm opening a new venue! And I'm going to do it right, and it's going to be a 300-cap venue, and I'm not going to have to look over my shoulder or worry about some douchebag that comes in and doesn't care about anybody but himself!

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