The Ten People You Met at Stonewall Pride in Wilton Manors, 2014

These sweaty summer gay Pride days are the actualization of Rainbow Brite's outfit: fully colorful and original yet classic.

While the sun is still shining and folks in floats are throwing Mardi Gras beads at outstretched hands, swinging their ass cheeks side to side, times are good. You know, before the sloppy, scary after-hours parties where pupils are the size of saucers and pants get really tight under the strobe lights.

This is the time to celebrate equality, tutus, big wigs, good butts, hairy chests, and, well, gay pride! Here's about ten people you probably met at Stonewall Pride in Wilton Manors this past weekend.

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10. This goddess

The rainbow is strong in that one.

Her outfit is so good, it looks like she's been planning it since the moment the streets were swept after last year's parade. All that planning worked out for this Lady Guy. This is what fierce pride looks like.

9. The raver lipsticks

If there's ever a time to reuse that tutu you bought for Ultra, it's Pride.

8. This chick with a dick on her head and between her boobs

7. Carnival guy

Carnival guy never rides out alone. Nope, he's got a slew of masked Brazilophiles riding his feathered tail.

6. Hippie gays

These guys have seen it all, and they've lived to tell the tales. Get them stoned and prepare yourself for some firsthand queer history lessons and meaty stories of SoBe in the '90s, the Village in the '80s, and San Fran in the '70s.

5. Leather queens

These mens were prepared to brave the summer sun in latex. That's commitment. Just make sure to remember, under those black pants are the wettest nuts ever to have sweated in the history of this gay mother earth.

4. The half-dressed

This guy's great. He's like a mullet: all business at the top and party down bottom.

3. This "firefighter" and the person eagerly taking a photo of his butt

There would be no parade without either of these two essential ingredients. It's a fantastic symbiotic relationship. Egos, asses, and mutual adoration have a comfortable place at Pride.

2. U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

About gay pride, our queer-friendly Weston-based politician noted in a statement on the Democrats' website:

I'm proud that the world in which my children are growing up is becoming one where people no longer face discrimination based on who they love. There is still work to do, but with each step we move closer to fulfilling our nation's potential of full equality under the law for every American.

Amen, Rep. sister.

1. This gayby

How adorable is this little munchkin? She's actually too cute for words. So we'll stop typing and post this bonus celebratory shot.

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