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The Top 10 Dead Rock Stars Alive in Miami - With Videos!

Dead Johnny Cash
​"It's the story of your life, and the end of it's your death, and every word that's in between is just a waste of breath." - Subhumans

Their rotting, worm ridden flesh fills the air with the stench of death, but we just can't help cracking the casket on our favorite dead rock stars.

And just like most anybody with a dollar and a dream, at some point they probably passed through the Magic City, or at least Broward or Palm Beach.

Here are our top ten videos of dead rock stars alive in South Florida.

10. Hillel Slovak - original guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers - Miami Beach 1987

We'd never actually known much of anything about this Hillel Slovak dude except that he's the original guitarist for one of the greatest American rock bands of the last quarter century. Here he is live on the sands of Miami Beach in 1987.

9. Sublime's Bradley Nowell at The Edge in Ft. Lauderdale for Warped Tour 1995

One of our great lifetime concert regrets was being 13 years old at this show and walking inside just as the set ended. We've never forgotten. Sublime's van had been robbed, so Bradley Nowell did an acoustic set on the main stage of The Edge, now Revolution, at one of the early incarnations of the Warped Tour. We're almost sure this is footage from that show.

8. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana live from Bayfront Park Amphitheater - 1993

It's not every day that you hear Kurt Cobain thank Ray Hernandez, but that's exactly what he does for the fan who sent him a fanzine backstage. Kurt says, "He seems to be a real righteous brother," then Nirvana goes into Lithium, one of their best loved tunes, and the crowd sings along to every word.

7. Elvis at The Fontainbleau, Miami Beach - 1960

This ain't no pilled out, fat boy, glitter suit, rich and lazy Elvis. This is Elvis as he should be, young, suited and booted, fresh out the army, and onstage at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in 1960.

6. Sam Cooke Live From The Harlem Square Club, Overtown, Miami, Florida - 1963

In a marked departure from the smooth crossover sound that put him in the mainstream American spotlight, Sam Cooke's performance at the Harlem Square nightclub in Miami's Overtown for a live album that it took his record company decades to release, hearkens back to his gospel roots and unleashes the gruff and ready vocals of his church music background.

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