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The Top 10 South Florida Albums Countdown is Here!

Tis the season to make lists, and County Grind hopes that readers check our rundown of the best South Florida releases more than twice. Yes, it says "Albums" in the headline, but really anything local of a decent heft that had a huge impact in 2010 was under consideration -- including EPs, mixtapes, Mediafire .zip files, Bandcamp profiles, split cassettes, and ringtones. Music consumption in South Florida shouldn't be confined by any technicalities or "official release dates," because that would be lame. And yeah, we still love the Surfer Blood dudes, but Astro Coast already got props last year.

Also, unlike the cigar-chomping fat cats at our sister paper, Village Voice, we're not at the point where there's a budget for metrics, statistics and point values. This is no "Jazz & Pop" poll just yet. Instead, we asked readers and our regular freelancers to spout about what in the local ranks got them riled up in 2010. What follows is heavily biased, and heavily entertaining commentary about what was our schizophrenic scene this past year.

Just so that this "cold" weather lately doesn't seem like a total bummer, here are the Top 10 South Florida Albums (there's that word again) of 2010 over the next week.

10. Afrobeta - Do You Party? EP
9. Shroud Eater - Shroud Eater EP
8. The Dewars - Songs From the Neverglades
7. The Band in Heaven/Weird Wives Split Tape
6. Beings - Beings
5. Mayday - Stuck On an Island
4. The Jameses - "The Haunted Rider"/"Rat People"
3. Torche - Songs for Singles
2. Love Handles - Faith, Hope & Love Handles
1. Sumsun - Samo Milagro

Much thanks to the freelancing corps for their support in this endeavor.

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