The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II: Five Best Moments [Spoiler Alert]

Ladies and Gentleman, we are sad to announce that The Twilight Saga which kept us obsessed for nearly half a decade has come to an end. But, before we bid farewell to the beloved and oh so sparkly Cullen clan, we had to sneak one more post in.

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Although we didn't spend ten hours with the rest of the freaky fans watching all five movies in a row, we did get a front row seat to check out the final film last night. And despite some awkward sighs from Bella and an overly sensitive Jacob, Breaking Dawn Part 2 didn't disappoint. Here's our five favorite moments from finale.

Beware: Some serious spoiler alerts follow. 

5. Vampire Bella
Bella's dreams of becoming immortal have finally come true, and she looks so much better because of it. In fact, she's not nearly as uncomfortable and awkward as in the first four films. Makes us wish Edward had done this way earlier on. 

4. The other vampires
The Cullens traveled far and wide gathering some of their vampy friends to help out against the Volturi. And much to our delight, they weren't nearly as pale or cheesy as the rest of the Cullens. There were some serious vampire hotties packed into the last film which we wouldn't have minded getting a bite or two from.

3. Dakota Fanning
Although she only has a few lines here and there, Dakota Fanning is one bad ass vampire bitch. Well, as much as one can be in a PG-13 film. Needless to say, her red eyes with the winged out liner and snowy skin was flawless as ever. Hate to say it KStew, but Dakota would have made for a better Bella.

2. The sex scene
All we can say is finally. Twilight fans around the world got what they wanted, a way hotter sex scene than ever imagined. It felt a little scrambled porn meets skinamax but all in all, it made up for the lack of sex during the last film. Maybe Bella and Edward picked up a copy of 50 Shades this time around?

1. The fight scene
Because the movies are based on a book series, this leaves very little room for surprising the fans. That is until now. The fight scene totally blew the theater's minds. One girl actually jumped out of her seat. But, it wasn't because of the intensity and wild effects. Those were great and all, but it's actually the twist ending that shocked the fans.

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