The Vogans' Farwell Show at the Beat Cup This Saturday

Boca Raton five-piece, the Vogans first caught our attention a couple of years ago. The group dazzled us with uplifting, high energy, indie rock nuggets. We even named this troupe of saplings one of our top ten current bands that should be famous last year (Hey, we figured since most of them were under 20, time was definitely on their side, it was a safe bet.)

But the Vogans are calling it quits. There's no drama, just the reality that lead guitarist Nick Jamshidi is moving to Gainsville to attend the University of Florida to study computer engineering. The band's talented lead singer André Heizer tells us Jamshidi is simply irreplaceable. "We decided to split because we didn't want to be obliged to play a show every time Nick came down from college, if we feel like playing, we will!" explained Heizer.

The good news is that the door seems to have remained opened for future Vogans one-offs, and there are plans for post-Vogans spinoffs too. Bassist Paul DeFilippis and drummer John Paul Morrissee are going to be forming a new, yet-to-be-named outfit. DeFillippis is also holding down the basslines for post-rock troubadours Lavola too.

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Vogans' vocalst Heizer is also enrolling in school, but remaining local and attending FAU. He's going to be studying political science and communications. He also plans on delving into documentary filmmaking. Heizer already started working on one documentary and tells us he has his eyes set on submitting work to the Palm Beach International Film Festival by the end of the year and plans on continuing with his musical aspirations with intentions to perform as a solo act under the nom de plume Costumes.

DeFilippis reminisces about his favorite times spent in the Vogans. One of his highlights was during the group's EP release party last year, when the crowd began singing back the lyrics to the songs the guys had penned. It was the most audience participation the boys had experienced up to that point. "That was the moment when I realized the band wasn't just about us anymore, but about the people that take time out of their lives, because they enjoy our work."

As to why the band struck such a nerve with audiences as such a young age? "Bands as young as us tend to be stuck in a very specific crowd, and I feel as though we were able to get ourselves out to a more mature audience, I think part of the credit for this belongs to our manager, Gena Rumble, as well as our shared high school musical education under the one and only Edrick Rhodes," says DeFillippis.

Primetime socialite and Vogans mover-and-shaker Gena Rumble chimes in on her beloved band's farewell too. "I'm really excited for their next stages of life," Rumble tells us. "They're all so super smart and talented. Can't wait to see what's next for each of them."

The Vogans' farewell show, 7: 30 p.m., this Saturday, June 14, at the Beat Cup, 660 Linton Blvd., 110, Delray Beach. With Ella Herrera and Washa Visit their Facebook.

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