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Things I Would Do This Weekend if I Had Unlimited Money and the Power of Teleportation

Me teleporting to shows everywhere
​So after weeks of very little excitement as far things that I would like to do, all of a sudden this weekend is chock full of some of my favorite things.

First off Lucas Leyva and a few names I associate with the Borscht Film Festival, as well as some of the people behind the admittedly dated Toners thing, have a really awesome book release party for Hialeah Haikus going down at Books and Books in Coral Gables Friday afternoon at 7:45 p.m. My only beef with this is the start time.  If these guys are so 305, why do they start their business at such an early hour?  Other than that, it should be awesome as long as the rafter jokes are kept to a minimum.  This is FREEEEE!!

Next, I would go to a house party at 8525 SW 126 Terrace where I hear Bearings from PA are playing as well as Sloane Peterson and Fireside Social.  House shows rule and Goo is closed.  Look for more of this all the time now, 'nuff said.

In between this and other things I would teleport to Delray Beach and

see the very fabulous Cynthia Duval in her new project, Cynthia and the

Heartaches at a free show at Dada

right off Atlantic.  This lady can belt it out.  I am told the group is

a soul cover band which is what this Broward native is built for.  Also

on the bill are the super fun Dirty Boxes,

a rag-tag garage group that belts out sweet melodies over loud as hell

guitars. [full disclosure I used to play bass for Cynthia's old band] 

BTW, the food at Dada is dope and they have excellent drinks and

things. Did mention this is free?

Fouthly, later on that night, Boy Prostitute is playing at the Vagabond, which features Cancer Mike, Chris Critic of Critical Recordings and on bass Dick Dumb of Pool Party who is an able and exciting low-end theorist in his own right.  If you get there before eleven, this is FREE!

Sunrise, Sunset and it's Saturday and freakin' Jellybean Benitez

is bringing down the House (music) at Backdoor Bamby.  This guy is an

OG; he used to bang Madonna in the 80's as well as originating a lot of

awesome awesome music.  I also hear that Ernie Hotsauce is in town and

I can only hope that they hit that sweet spot together, although that

is probably too much to ask for.

C, beam me up to Palm Beach County for Kids Like Us, Bishop, Until the End, Mongoloids, Creatures, Toetag at a Eulogy Records

show at the Pit.  First few admissions get a copy of the Kids Like Us

record with price of entry.  I would be there first because I have

teleportation powers in this fantasy world.

And don't forget the Sweat Records fundraiser at the Awarehouse!  This has live shit from ANR, the Jacuzzi Boys and Francesco LoCastro.

What the [email protected]&^[email protected]

My lament is this - why so many weeks of nothing and then one weekend of everything?

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Dominic Sirianni

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