Gainesville-based Pearl & the Oysters bring their Farewell Florida Tour to WPB on Tuesday.
Gainesville-based Pearl & the Oysters bring their Farewell Florida Tour to WPB on Tuesday.
Photo courtesy of Pearl & the Oysters

The Five Best Concerts in South Florida This Week

Com Truise will be delivering his chillwave revolution to Culture Room on Friday where the kids will be swaying to the onslaught of synths and futuristic soundtracks, while Pearl & the Oysters are playing Voltaire in West Palm Beach on Tuesday bringing with them their otherworldly grooviness to the masses.

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Pearl & the Oysters

There is something really pleasant about finding out that a band like Pearl & the Oysters exists. Almost as pleasant as the tunes they create. When you listen to Pearl & the Oysters, it’s like being dropped into a sonic dreamscape. Songs like “Mercury Comet Caliente,” off their Canned Music album, is a perfect example of the dreaminess in their music. From listening to their records you can tell that they have a tight grasp on how they choose to record. Juliette Pearl, lead vocalist and synth player, may or may not have been kidnapped from an alternate universe where the ‘60s never ended and we are all still trying to kiss the sun. God bless Pearl & the Oysters, they are a band where we all get to pull out our hip dance moves and get lucid. With Dirt Bike and the Dewars. 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 12, at Voltaire, 526 Clematis St., West Palm Beach; 561-408-5603; sub-culture.org/voltaire. Tickets $5 at the door.

An image from the video of King Princess' recently released single "Prophet."EXPAND
An image from the video of King Princess' recently released single "Prophet."
via YouTube

King Princess

In an age where women have taken up the space as leaders in the world of music, there has been an eruption of fantastic singers who are combining multiple sound forms to create the music of today. King Princess recently performed her track “Hit the Back” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she got a tremendous reception. Her indie-pop swagger has a ring of nostalgia for ‘80s dance. It feels like Pat Benatar is influencing this new generation of female artists, whether they realize it or not. It’s songs like “Prophet” off of King Princess’ debut album, Cheap Queen, that give us a glimpse into the future of music. King Princess is more than just a powerful voice, she’s also a multi-instrumentalist and helped produce her debut album. Signed to Mark Ronson’s Zelig Records, she has a home where she can expect to continue wowing us with her songwriting and production choices. With Girlpool. 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 13, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale; 954-449-1025; jointherevolution.net. Tickets cost $32 via ticketmaster.com.

Sci-fi-obsessed synth artist Com Truise brings his infectious electronic sound to Fort Lauderdale Friday.
Sci-fi-obsessed synth artist Com Truise brings his infectious electronic sound to Fort Lauderdale Friday.
Photo by Effixx 3

Com Truise

It’s as if every day a new sub-genre of music arrives on the internet, and as technology pushes more and more to the forefront of creativity, more producers/artists are stretching to see where they can take the synth sounds of old. That makes Com Truise a pioneer. His chillwave vibes are the soundtrack to many of our lives. His most recent album, Persuasion System, has all the makings of a classic electronic record. Songs like the title track feel like they have been carefully stitched together digitally to create this inescapable tempo that creeps into our souls, causing a need to move our bodies accordingly or else possibly explode from the pulsations and vibrations he has laced in the track. The way Com Truise develops his synth sounds, besides sounding like something that will come along in the distant future, it also has this strange link to ‘80s pop acts like New Order. On songs like “Gaussian,” the listener feels like slowly drifting to sleep out into a digital sea only to be awakened at the end of the track and plugged back into the matrix of life. The future is as bright and dystopian as ever. With Altopalo and Beshken. 8 p.m. Friday, November 15, at Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale; 954-5641074; cultureroom.net. Tickets are $20 via ticketmaster.com.

Intendencia released its debut single, "You Ain't Right," on SoundCloud in October.
Intendencia released its debut single, "You Ain't Right," on SoundCloud in October.
Photo by Roberto Badillo

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    There isn’t a ton of music available when it comes to Intendencia, but they have been on my radar for a while now. They recently released a single on their SoundCloud page titled “You Ain’t Right,” and wow does it kick ass. From this one track alone you can feel the energy Intendencia brings to a live show. The vocals are big and bad and remind us of bands like Wolfmother and Jet with their not-giving-a-shit style. Not sure when Intendencia will release an official project, but when they do, it will most definitely be a collection of sounds that offer South Florida a chance at rock-n-roll infamy once more. Intendencia will be performing a mostly acoustic set. With Humble Waters. 11 p.m., Friday, November 15, at Dada, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach; 561-330-3232; sub-culture.org/dada. Admission is free.

    Method Man & Redman

    If you are wondering who on this list will go down as one of the most influential musical acts in contemporary American music, then look no further. Method Man & Redman are touching down in Boca Raton. The iconic duo has offered the world some of the greatest lyrical rhyme schemes to ever be pressed to wax. Method Man is a member of perhaps one of, if not, the greatest hip hop group in history, Wu-Tang Clan. Redman, a long-time collaborator of Method Man’s and rapper from New Jersey, has been one of the great humorists in hip-hop. Acts like Eminem have gotten much of their self-deprecating humor from pioneers like Redman. Meth and Red originally released Blackout! and songs like “Da Rockwilder” have become staples of classic hip hop. Method Man & Redman will be headlining LOTOS Festival with DMX, Naughty By Nature, Coolio, Uncle Luke, and Black Sheep. 3 p.m. Saturday, November 16, at Mizner Park Amphitheater, 590 Plaza Real, Boca Raton; 561-393-7890; myboca.us. Tickets range from $29 to $125 via lotosmusicfest.com.

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