Think You Know Beer? Tell Us Why You Should Be a Judge at Beerfest 2011 (Updated)

Update: The winners have been announced! Click here.

You probably have a friend who claims to be an expert in politics and another in where to go out to eat and another in... well, any conversation that's brought up. But beer? Everybody knows good beer.

What we're looking for here, however, is a true beer expert to help judge the awards contest in the New Times Beerfest 2011. You'll join an esteemed panel of experts to pick the Best Overall, Best American, Best Import, and Best Florida beers.

Think you know beer? Head to the County Grind Facebook page. Leave a

comment about why you're right for the job. On Wednesday, we'll pick two

winners who will get two VIP passes and an esteemed place among our

Beerfest judges.

Follow County Grind on Twitter: @CleanPlateBPB. Follow Eric Barton on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

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