This O'Grime Video is "Windex Your Monitor" Bloody

Anyone claiming to have just experienced a "brutal" weekend might want to step into Miami hip-hop/dubstep collective O'Grime's blood-stained shoes for a second.

So maybe your forehead's a tad sore from a bit too much Franzia, or someone left a scratch on the side of your 2008 Ford Focus, or maybe the line at whatever Art Basel party you were at was mad long. But did you get a baseball bat to the head? Are there brass knuckle tracks on your pancreas? Do you resemble Evander Holyfield after Mike Tyson went cannibal on his ear? Did you see a baby give another baby a tattoo? Nah, didn't think so.

Anyhow, you pack of voyeuristic nine-to-fivers, O'Grime's self-titled video -- set to some riotous thudding bass and cascading synths -- is the gateway to a serious bout with some "unforeseen circumstances" that look so real that you'll probably want to wipe down the computer screen by the end.

Warning: This is extremely violent. Proceed with caution.

Now, we're not going to give the ending away, but let's just say that L. Rey handles this bit of trouble like a champ. Need a steak for that eye?

Via Antisteez. Directed by Giancarlo Loffredo.

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