This Saturday: Lavola and Blond Fuzz (formerly Stonefox) at Respectable Street

The upcoming To Hell With Poverty at Respectable Street makes for a good trifecta of tributes: to birthday boy Brian (we'd put his last name here for formality's sake, but it would be creepy), to Lavola, now picked to play at the Silversun Pickups/Against Me!/The Henry Clay People show next week in Boca Raton and, best of all, to the re-formation and transformation of Stonefox to Blond Fuzz. If you've skimmed this blog in the past several months, you know the already-epic story of Blond Fuzz, the artists formerly known as Stonefox: We thought they were long gone, but now (thank goodness) they're back, sans a fourth member, with a new track, a new tour, and a new moniker.

This is an unexpected but fitting change for a band so close to locals' hearts. That said, the name "Blond Fuzz" brings to mind a few images that could easily be turned into telling metaphors totally representational of this shift:

- Peach fuzz, the facial kind. New growth.  Hmmm.
- Peach fuzz, the fruit kind. Fresh, plump, just picked.
- Puppies. No longer a quartet of foxes, but a trio of...?
- A tribute to former bassist Ross Fuentes' blond locks. (This may be a stretch.)

Either way, since they've been back, they've been killing it, and it will be worth it to see them with this whole new burst of fuzzy energy.

Blond Fuzz and Lavola. 10 p.m. Saturday, June 12, at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach.

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