CocoRosie's gender-bent artistry hits Revolution on Friday.
CocoRosie's gender-bent artistry hits Revolution on Friday.

This Week in Print: CocoRosie and Scott Stapp

CocoRosie's gender-bent artistry hits Revolution on Friday.

Fort Lauderdale's Revolution is hosting two shows that might lead to a serious brow-clashing (or a pointy-toed boot contest) if avant-to-the-max Cocorosie fans arrived on the night Creed's lead belter Scott Stapp and his leather pants hit the stage -- or vice versa. Both artists promise heavily nuanced evenings for very different crowds.

Charging forward first with the week's main feature,
Christine Borges uncovers in separate interviews with CocoRosie's Bianca and Sierra Casady, just because the sisters seem unusual to an outsider, there's plenty of artistic distance between the two.

In our conversations, elder sibling Sierra's replies are drawn out, with so much weight on the words that she often stops midsentence to process. Eventually, she chimes in minutes later with the rest of her sentence, like hitting the play button on her favorite cassette tape, with no knowledge of mental interruption.

"We're almost opposites in almost every way, which brings a pretty crazy chemistry," Sierra says, laughing. "Even with the lyrics-writing of this record, we worked through stream-of-consciousness-style writing and sometimes just pure improvisation on the mic."

As for myself, Boca resident Scott Stapp proved to be pretty open to discuss himself and his VH1 Storytellers-inspired solo performance coming up Tuesday in our Q&A. Along with his haircut, emulating John Fogerty, Bob Dylan, among other topics, we revisited the baseball anthem of the summer.

"Marlins Will Soar" was a big viral topic this year. Was it a challenge to write about sports?

I had some trepidation in the beginning. Is this going to be cheesy?

Or what's this going to be? What made all of that go away was in talking

with [Marlins President David Samson] and the folks in the Marlins

organization. I didn't want to get paid. I said I want my son and my

nephew to be able to be batboys. You make that happen and give me some

season tickets and I'll be happy. That was the deal, man. I gave it my

best shot, and I've seen a lot of the comments. It is what it is. I'm

proud of what I did and why I did it.

Speaking of things that is what they what they are, LiveWire capsules for this week's shows include: Neil Young, Legendary Shack Shakers, Rascal Flatts, Shakira, Godsmack, Pepper, and Ninjasonik.

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