This Week in Print: Electric Six Is Happy to Attract Fewer Asshole Fans

"We started the band a long, long time ago -- maybe like, I wanna say, 20 years ago -- and I think we perfected our sound maybe two years into that process. So the last 18 years have really been the downward trajectory." That's Electric Six's Dick Valentine during one of his many appearances on perhaps the only watchable Fox News program, Red Eye. The show's obsession with one of the most hilarious bands out of Michigan is one of the many kernels from Anthony Cohan-Micco's feature in this week's print edition of New Times Broward Palm Beach.

Catch Electric Six at Culture Room on Tuesday, but don't expect the

asshat brigade to be in attendance. "We went through a solid period

there, between '03 and '06, where [shows

were] just filled with assholes," says Valentine in the piece. "And now

I think we

have more mature, more productive members of society coming."

Filling out this week in print are items on Crosby, Stills & Nash, Dar Williams, Rush, Mayer Hawthorne, Megadeth/Slayer, Yeasayer, Enter Shikari, and Bob Dylan.


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