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This Week in Print: Footwork4Self Records and the Return of James

"We are trying to show the rest of America that South Florida consists of more than Rick Ross, strip clubs, and cocaine," is Protoman's summation of the task of Footwork4Self Records, a burgeoning hip-hop label in Lake Worth. County Grind has given plenty of shine to the emerging indie-rock acts of the area, but it's time to take a longer, loving look at the rappers and the people behind the scenes who are getting very organized. Alex Rendon spoke to nearly every FW4S roster member for this week's lead feature -- and got a lot of insight from co-owners Ryan Kolquist, Ryan "Jabrjaw" Britt, and Dan "DJ Dee Dubbs" Wilkes.

Rendon pulled double duty this week and also got some exclusive

material from James lead singer Tim Booth. Given the amount of ink we've

devoted to the West Palm Beach synth outfit the Jameses, it might be

easy to get it twisted here. This is JAMES, a Manchester act that you

probably remember from the early-'90s hit "Laid." Read about how the band actually got the Smiths going back in its early years.

Live Wires of the week include Kings of Leon, Public Enemy, Toro y Moi, Furious Dudes, Adam Lambert, and Drake.

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