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This Week's Broward-Palm Beach Music Section: TopSpot USA Showcase

Photo by Ari Justin Rothenberg
TopSpot USA asking Alesana's Shawn Milke the tough questions
​The Broward-Palm Beach Crossfade contingent is definitely the opposite of emo about our feature, "TopSpot USA Showcase Punks Up the Talent Farm" in this week's music section.

We caught up with TopSpot USA founders Sean Russell and Frankie "Famous" Nobile preparing for their first industry showcase at the Talent Farm this Saturday. The show features Naples keyboard punk outfit Vega Under Fire, and the glam-fused support act, So Long Davey, comes from San Diego. The other three acts all have ties to South Florida: Ex-Hey Monday  drummer Elliot James' Easton (West Palm Beach), pop-punks Not Here Now (Miami), and electro-punks New City Lions (Fort Lauderdale).

Up until this point, Topspot USA's public face has been its

URL. is an online

music news

portal with a national scope loaded with daily updates on punk, indie,

and emo acts as well as candid video interviews with artists like Gym

Class Heroes frontman Travis

McCoy. Each interview is conducted by Nobile and filmed by Russell,

who met in 2006 via their work for Silver Ridge Elementary in Davie.

There, 28-year-old Miami-Dade County product Russell supervises the

aftercare program, and 25-year-old Fort Lauderdale native Nobile is an

aftercare counselor.

Our photographer Ari Justin

Rothenberg got some great shots of Russell and Nobile outside Culture

Room as they interviewed Alesana frontman Shawn Milke last week. See the results

of their reporting below:

Topspot USA Industry Showcase, with Vega Under Fire, New City Lions, So

Long Davey, Easton, and Not Here Now. 6 p.m. Saturday, April 3, at the

Talent Farm, 20911 Johnson St., Ste. 111, Pembroke Pines. Tickets cost


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