Those Darlins to Tantalize Roxy's in May

Long before County Grind was my meal ticket, I had a run-in with Those Darlins in Texas. They're three scrappy young lasses (and one fella) who consumed barbecue and whiskey equally ravenously, and it's damned near impossible to not love them for it. At that time, these tamales from Tennessee were promoting their self-titled debut, which solidifies a lovely template of old-school country met with the realities of loft parties, tattoos, and the sort of girl groups who wouldn't be caught dead in coonskin caps.

As we prepare for Those Darlins' visit to Roxy's in downtown West Palm Beach on May 12, it's an album employing the same husky harmonies and perhaps a tad more refinement (recording-wise), Screws Get Loose. This gig is part of a pair of Florida dates with the Whigs, an Athens, Georgia, garage-rock act. Below, we have a selection of videos that are indicative of the Darlins' charm.

"Red Light Love" from Those Darlins:

"Be Your Bro" from Screws Get Loose:

"Screws Get Loose" from Screws Get Loose:

"DUI or Die" from Those Darlins:

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