Three Reasons to Ride the Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop Based Upon FTL Collective's Review

Regular County Grind readers will remember that our esteemed colleague Mickie Centrone braved the Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop back in late April, and discovered that the bus drivers will let you spill drinks on them -- and they might even like it. Today, upstart culture blog FTL Collective equates the quarterly event to Christmas, which applies especially if your family celebrates the birth of Jesus by getting pickled in a Winnebago.

FTLC writer Fat Hand (no relation to the Pharcyde's Fatlip), whose writing style reminds us a lot of an astute reviewer once in our employ, took on the task of documenting an evening on the bus loop. Although there were some pint-glass half empty moments that left Fat Hand feeling like Vizzini in The Princess Bride, no hemlock was consumed and some positives stuck out.

Three reasons, based upon FTL Collective's write-up, to go on the Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop next time are below.

  • Newbie Bus Loop participant Duffy's Sports Grill did not limit the type of drinks served to pucker-inducing jungle juice: "A guy next to me ordered a Patron and pineapple...well done, guy next to


  • The stop at Embassy Suites' brilliant marketing coup, the E Spot, sets up ample opportunities to crash family reunions.

  • Fat Hand didn't make it to Coldstone Creamery on this trek, but would have likely observed what was likely

    akin to the Hallelujah Chorus of frozen treats -- loads of drunk people

    crammed into an establishment where the staff is required to

    sing each time they receive a tip.

According to, the next Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop takes place August 27, and the monies go to charity. Win win situation!

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